About Rasilliant Enterprises

Our Mission: Transforming original ideas and concepts into superior written content.

An unwavering commitment to the command, control, and the capability of the English language is what led to the creation of Rasilliant Enterprises.  At one time, owner Jason Scott was confused and unable to comprehend much of what he read. "What was once my weakest subject became the one I now love the most," he testifies. "I feel that it makes me a more credible voice—being one who struggled to grasp a functional competency of writing at first."  While studying English at Indiana University, Jason found more and more people approaching him for writing assistance.  In 2004, he even led a team of writers in constructing, editing, and ultimately receiving a grant. From that point on, his peers frequently defaulted to his expertise in writing. “The few bucks I received while writing in undergrad was a God-send.  I was honing in on my craft while pocketing a few bucks at the same time." 

What we do
Rasilliant Enterprises was officially created in 2008 as a writing, editorial, and communications firm. It is founded upon a legacy of resilience, perseverance, and a love for people and the community.  We turn revolutionary ideas and concepts into superb written content by leveraging years of writing experience with current market trends and effective business strategies.  In addition to providing editorial and writing services, we give our clients feedback, tools, and resources that yield a greater understanding of the writing process. By fueling our approach with passion and fervor, we personalize each customer’s individual experience—enabling an atmosphere for sustained and mutually profitable relationships.

Why we are here
Our goal is to aide visionaries, novice entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and other potential clients in need of help expressing the sentiments of their missions in writing.  We wholeheartedly believe the best ideas, the most revolutionary talents, and the most profitable conglomerates have yet to be discovered.  A lack of resources, minimal information, and fear of the unknown are just some of the obstacles holding the most innovative visionaries back. Meanwhile, financial limitation should never be the reason that businesses cannot break ground and assist the community by providing their services. Rasilliant Enterprises takes pride in being a voice for the underprivileged and those who would ordinarily be overlooked. 

Where we are going
Our aim is to create a thriving network of editorial professionals, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and share a wealth of resources wherein we can continue to succeed and give back to our community.  We seek not only to provide our written and editorial services, but we will labor to ensure that high school and college students will come to recognize our field as a relevant career choice in these trying economic times.  Though this is indeed a business endeavor, the rudiments upon which it is built are tied to integrity, passion, and proven character.