Rasilliant Enterprises Staff
Jason R. Scott

Owner & Founder

As Owner and Founder, Jason is responsible for managing the daily operations, pursuing continual business development, and managing the support staff of Rasilliant Enterprises.  An alumnus of Indiana University, Jason graduated with a BA majoring in English concentrating in professional writing.  Jason brings to the table a 10-year professional profile that includes tenures in the Government, Educational, Non-Profit and Healthcare sectors. These experiences have provided an atmosphere for him to perfect his writing voice for an array of diverse audiences.  In his leisure, he can often be found reading, writing, or making music.  Jason is set to release three of his own works this year: a poetry collection, a 31-day faith devotional, and his first novel entitled, A Hiding Place.

Natasha Brown

Senior Project Manager

Our Senior Project Manager, Natasha Brown brings to the table a rich history of account management, customer advocacy, and entrepreneurial enrichment.  Spearheading several of her own business endeavors, she is well aware of the elements needed to create and sustain a profitable business.  In her role as Project Manager she will head up special projects that contribute to our revenue—as well as customer retention and satisfaction.  With over five years’ experience in account management she specializes in building and maintaining long-lasting, mutual beneficial relationships with key shareholders, businesses, and customers.

Michelle Craig

Creative Liason

When we weary of business terminology, proposal writing, and contract reviewing, all staff will be finding refuge in our Creative Unit.  This division will be managed by the very capable Michelle Craig.  A successful writer, poet, and performer, Michelle brings a great deal of diversity to the equation.  While maintaining her polished professional career, she has managed to still balance performing regularly with working full-time and being a mother.  That in itself is nothing short of impressive.  In this role, Michelle will oversee the creation of poems-on-demand, written editorials, literary reviews, and any other creative endeavors we decide to take on at Rasilliant Enterprises. 

Janel Porter

Associate Editor

The editing process is one that requires an eye for detail and a niche for catching even the most concealed errors.  We are thrilled to have an experienced editor/proofreader on board.  Janel has been writing and editing over six years.   Janel’s diverse background makes her input crucial here at Rasilliant Enterprises. Proudly touting her BS in Biology, she asserts that writing and editing has provided a nice diversion before she continues her path on to medical school.  In addition to her full-time job as an Customer Relations Specialist, she too, has her own novel in which is she is preparing for a late 2011 release.   She also runs several blogs and spends a great deal of her terms giving back to youth in her community.

Natasha Guy

Associate Editor

Our editorial unit is ecstatic to have Natasha Guy serving in the role of Associate Editor.  Her experience as an editor is impressive, to say the least.  She has had experience editing on the fiction and the non-fiction sides.  She’s even done a great deal of copyediting for advertising and marketing purposes.    In addition to editing, Natasha is a polished and proven writer.  Her most recent offering to the literary world is a verse novel entitled, “Beautiful Fixation”.  This fictional poetry collection describes the formation of a female serial killer searching for Inner Beauty the hard way.  She’s excited to be expanding her already remarkable resume by coming on board with Rasilliant Enterprises.